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Elite Freeze


Elite Freeze products have a unique cellular construction and therefore is inherently flexible and is ideal for packaging a vaste range of products including:

LobsterDairy ProductsVegetables
MeatCatering ServicesFlowers

World Wide Temperature Control

When you want your products to look their very best on arrival, even on the other side of the world, then turn to Elite Freeze. Depending on conditions Elite Freeze will give you even consistent low temperature cooling up to 30 hours with absolutely no freeze burn. It minimises dehydration and protects against the ingress of heat

Retains Fluid

With Elite Freeze your product arrives cool and dry, Elite Freeze is especially formulated so that as it begins to thaw, it retains the fluid within the structure and does not release it like wet ice

Quick and Clean

Unlike Wet Ice's issues of time consumption, mess, contamination from leaks and wasteful. Elite Freeze is extremely easy to handle and prepare. The selected quantity of Elite Freeze can be hydrated in a few minutes and then frozen as required. It can also be cut in between cells to fit any size container. Plus, Elite Freeze is safe as its nontoxic

Super Compact

When it comes to shipping, and storage. Elite Freeze wins hands down. Supplied in a thin sheet it is extremely light and compact and requires little warehouse space for storing until use, making handling an absolute breeze.

Common Sizes

2 x 32 x 64 x 6

“The Ultimate Ice Replacement that keeps product quality up and cost down.”

elite freeze
elite freeze
elite freeze
elite freeze
elite freeze
elite freeze